Pingly is your
Message or talk seamlessly with anyone over Email, Text & Voice
from a single unified platform
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email by taking the best parts
of it and merging them into a modern
messaging platform
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Unified Inbox
for all your communications
See all your messages, notifications & calls
in a single inbox
Smart Phone Numbers
Chat with text and picture messages or make voice calls with your Smart Number, just like a normal mobile line...
911 or emergency calls not supported at this time
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Visual voicemail ss1
Smart Numbers also give you...
• Visual voicemail
• Automatic voicemail transcription
• Spam call flagging
• Routable and programmable Beta Preview
Even if your contacts aren’t using Pingly you
can still talk with them seamlessly...
Messaging between Email and SMS is transparent to both sides so you’re not locked into another closed network. Voice calls also work like a normal phone call.
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