Pingly Changelog
15 days ago
Keyboard shortcut: Command + Enter to send email reply
Added Command + Enter keyboard shortcut to send an email reply. This matches the compose keyboard shortcut too.
22 days ago
Bug with certain Channel attachments
A bug on certain attachment types in Channels caused the channel to not load properly.
23 days ago
Conversation collapsing for long threads
Any email conversation thread with more than 4 messages is now collapsed to show the first and last two messages in the conversation.
23 days ago
Incoming message sound for Channels
A soft, unobtrusive sound plays when a new message is received in a channel
about 1 month ago
@mention notification popup
Popup notification when you are @mentioned in a channel. Also plays a notification sound.
2 months ago
Pingly for Teams
Complete overhaul and relaunch of Pingly ⚡️ Email and chat for your team. Setup email for your business or side-project in minutes for free.

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