Introducing the new

The new Pingly for Teams integrates email and team chat into a single unified experience. Imagine combining Gmail and Slack together to make communication and sharing seamless for your team.

Email and chat have become integral components of communication for businesses and while they are both very different in their uses, they are commonly used together in many organizations.

Use one app for all your communication - Whether you’re emailing a customer, chatting with a co-worker or calling up a vendor. Stay focused without having to switch back and forth between different services.


No matter how much we complain about email, it isn't going anywhere. Email lets you communicate with anyone who has an email address and is one of the most common ways people communicate, especially businesses.

The new Pingly is a full-featured email service that also hosts email for you on your own domain. We've worked to simplify the process of getting email setup on your domain to just a few minutes. Cut out the middle man (Gmail, Outlook, Etc) and host your email directly with Pingly. It's also free.

Team Chat

Team chat in Pingly is made to be fast and easy to use. Channels let you create "chat rooms" with your team based on a topic. Share files, discuss an email from a customer or share code with developers, Pingly Channels helps you get work done.

Share emails instead of forwarding

Gone are the days of messy email forwarding between people on your team. Now you can share and discuss an email (or email thread!) directly in a Channel.

Even as new emails are sent or received in the email conversation, it will update the thread for whomever you've shared it with in real-time (email sharing is in beta, but should be rolled out soon).

Upcoming: SMS & Voice

We're also rolling out in the near future Smart Numbers which are fully functioning phone numbers you can assign to people on your team. These phone numbers let you send/receive SMS messages and make or receive voice calls right in your browser or from Pingly's iOS app. This way you can keep personal phone numbers separate from work with a dedicated Smart Number for each person in your organization. Email, Chat, SMS & Voice all in one app!

Other cool Smart Numbers features: Visual voicemail, Automatic voicemail transcription, Spam call blocking and Call routing

An upcoming blog post will go into more detail about Smart Numbers when they are fully launched soon.

Try it out

Get started using Pingly today for free with free email hosting on your domain.


We use Pingly for all our internal / external communication and I hope you find it as useful as we do....we're just getting started on our roadmap.

I would love to hear your feedback or any questions you have. Feel free to reach me at