One of our most popular feature requests, email aliases and catch-all addresses, are now live on Pingly.

We recently updated the organization admin to allow easier management of users in your team/domain. Along with that, today's release now allows you to add email aliases which will forward email to a specified user or a catch-all which will forward any email sent to it.

When an alias (ex: is added for a user (ex:, email to the alias address will be forwarded transparently to that user. This way you won't need to create separate Pingly users for every email address needed on your domain. For example: support@, legal@, gdpr@, privacy@ etc.

Catch-all aliases will forward any incoming email that does not have a specifically defined user or alias email address. This enables you to catch and forward any email to your domain to one single user.

To migrate an alias/catch-all to a new user, just remove the alias via the User Manger in your Organization Admin and re-add it to the new user.

There are more features we're building around email that we hope to have released soon, so stay tuned and feel free to reach out to me at or @noaheverett if you have any questions or feedback.

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