In light of recent news of other email providers mining your emails (for things such as your purchase history), we wanted to make our stance on your data clear.

Pingly is a full-fledged email hosting provider. We chose this route instead of making just another email client (which would have been easier) so that we could have more control over the flow of email and the platform as a whole.

Ultimately any email client one uses is relying on the underlying email provider to handle their email data.

The purpose of this post is to reiterate our commitment to you and your data.

Pingly does not data mine your messages

We are not mining your emails or messages for data. Our system only does what is necessary to deliver them and provide our users with Pingly's service.

What we do with your email:

  • Check it for spam
  • Route it based on any alias/forwards or scheduling setup by the user
  • Send any notifications the user has enabled to their devices
  • Encrypt and store it

What we do with your chat messages:

  • Deliver it to the specified channel
  • Process any triggers/commands setup by the user
  • Send any notifications to the users subscribed to that channel to their devices
  • Encrypt and store it

Pingly does not sell your data

Pingly is a paid service (with a free tier) and does not use ads. Our business model is to provide you with email and chat hosting for you and your team. Having more of your data does not play a role in our business model. In fact, we want as little as possible to make Pingly work for you and provide you with the features you want.

Data Portability

If you decide to leave Pingly (though, we hope you will love it!) you can take your data with you. Either through a self-serve data export tool, IMAP protocol (coming online soon) or if you have special requirements, we can work with you directly to help you export your data.

You can read our full Privacy Policy here and ToS here.