This is the first post in a periodic series highlighting how customers from different industries use Pingly.

In this post we are interviewing Lucas from Shuttlestack. Lucas was one of our very first beta users and has helped us tremendously with feedback and bug reports.

1) What is Shuttlestack, how did you get started?

Shuttlestack is a software development startup located in a very hip neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. We craft extremely modern and creative websites, advanced user-friendly mobile applications, software applications, and have just recently partnered up with an amazing company to bring virtual reality games and software solutions to our list of services. We got started after I left a web-design agency and noticed a lot of problems in the industry that could be fixed. Lot's of companies are just throwing together quick sites to receive a check but their work isn't quality. I wanted to make a promise to myself that when I create Shuttlestack, everything we build will have care placed into it with quality. We created a new business model that has been implemented into our companies core and seems to be working extremely well.

2) Why did you choose Pingly?

I originally chose Pingly because Noah created it if I'm being honest with you. I've followed every product that Noah has made since Twitpic. After he tweeted that it was live I made an account and fell in love with it because starting off, my company had no money and we were spending around $60 on gmail each month so we switched over to Pingly and it grew on us.

3) What were the benefits of using Pingly?

Pingly allows you to receive business email for free, the user interface feels as if you're in a chat, and it's extremely easy to use. The customer support is amazing. If I have a problem, I send a message to Noah and he responds in less than twenty minutes to resolve my problem.

4) Any particular feature that really stuck out?

I really enjoy that you are able to switch accounts without logging out and logging in. I'm able to switch from my main email to to read any new incoming emails from customers.

5) I see you're on-boarding your clients to Pingly, what drove that decision and the benefit you see for them?

The reason why I'm on-boarding my clients to Pingly is because I enjoy the easy set up and it offers a free solution for them until they are ready to make the leap for a paid service. So far there haven't been any complaints and it's been rolling smoothly.

6) What are you hoping to see next or Pingly?

I'd love to see their chatting feature more evolved. I'd like to make group calls, send gifs, send emojis, integrate apps and web hooks, etc.

I'd also love to see an IMAP server so I could connect Pingly to other clients and also an API so my team could play around with it and make some cool tools for Pingly.